Live Bait in Seminole Heights

Live Bait Prices

Seminole Heights General Store - Tampa, FL

We offer large selection of live bait from worms shrimp and shiners. If you want to call in advance we will hold your order for you.

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Call... 813-302-9482

  • Regular Shrimp
    $3.50 /doz. QTY doz.  ... Total
  • Jumbo Shrimp
    $6.00 /doz. QTY doz.  ... Total
  • Pin Fish
    $1.00 /ea. QTY ea.    ... Total
  • Pin Fish
    $7.00 /doz. QTY doz.  ... Total
  • Shiners
    $2.00 /ea. QTY ea.    ... Total
  • Shiners
    $20.00 /doz. QTY doz.  ... Total
  • Worms
    $3.25 25/cnt. QTY cnt.   ... Total
  • Total Order
    Catch & Release Snook.
    Red Fish Fever
    Large Shiners that Shine
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